Sunday, 24 February 2013

1 week left in work!

I've only got 1 week left in work and 6 weeks left until baby's due date so have already started to make a to-do list to keep me busy between now and then which is filling up quite a bit.
I'm a bit of a fan of Pinterest and found a great little project to keep my mind active and fingers busy while waiting and though I'd try and blog my progress every week (I've said it now! I'd better do my best to keep to it!).
The project is a 30 Day Drawing Challenge (yes I possibly wont get to 30 days!!) and although I've not drawn in some time I think it'll be a great little challenge to get myself creative again and draw something daily, good or bad I'll post what I've done (don't expect much).
The first post will be the week of the 4th of March and I'll be aiming to do 5 a week (just like a weekday! I think I'll keep my weekends free while I still can).

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