Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New arrival

My gorgeous little one arrived on her due date the 7th of April and the months since have been amazing and deceptively busy with non stop feeding. I've been finding it difficult getting used to the breastfeeding and housework while still trying to do a few crafty bits the same time but at the moment all I seem to do is start and never finish projects.

As you can see I failed to upload and blog my daily drawing challenge I gave myself but when I get a chance to scan what I did I'll let you all see my bad & rushed doodles.

The bit of crafts I've been trying to do while/ between feeding (becasue shes never been a good sleeper and only takes short naps) are my little crochet projects but I've not managed to finish them in time before Ffion's grown out of them so have been giving them as gifts. 
 I'm going to do my best to post and tweet as I go :)