Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Beginnings 2015!

A New Year and New Beginnings!
Its been a very busy couple of months together with the build-up to Christmas we've also moved home to the other side of Bristol. With the move I've gained a fresh excitement for the year ahead and I've starting doodling again and am almost finished with a crochet bag I'm making for my sister, I'm loving making it so much I hope to post the finish bag soon (fabric pictured below as a taster).

I like to think of myself and an enthusiastic learner in the gardening department and thanks to my Mam  I managed to save my sprout before we moved house and they successfully made it to the Christmas dinner plate! They tasted great and I was so please I cant wait to start planning and planting in the new garden but I'm going to do my best to hold back and see what comes in the garden for the first year. 

If your interested the Sprouts were part boiled and frozen then on Christmas day left to defrost in the morning, then fried in butter until golden then I added a good glug of white wine and simmer/boiled until all the liquid was gone (instructions also thanks to my Mother) xxx

Happy New Year!