Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas Hamper

Since the Honey at my Wedding was a great success it's given Me, my Mum and Sister the taste for homemade goods so we planed on making a Christmas hamper for Aunties and Uncle for Christmas.

My Mum provided the Honey, made and decorated a Christmas Cake and Preserve as well as and cultivating and bottling her Homemade Ginger Beer (such an amazing drink that I must try and start my own batch this year).
My Sister has been perfecting her skills as a Chocolatier and after a very excited corse decided to make some luxurious chocs for the Hamper. My Sister's new blog-Emma's Fancies show's her in action doing the finishing touched.

I contributed with:
Homemade Lemonade
I've had great fun making Lemonade last summer and am addicted to the Sloe Gin which we create ever year but due to the shortage of Sloe's this year I'm going to stick to making some Lemonade for the hamper although it's not very Christmassy. I also made some labels with my wonderful husbands Illustration.

Seed packets
I'm also fascinated with collecting seed so this October I collected a bunch on Munchkin seeds and packaged them up as gifts, hopefully this year everyone will be tempted to give them a go and grow Munchkins for Halloween.

Homemade Bath Bombs.
Although handmade edible goodies are traditional my Aunty loves bath stuff and I though it would add a girly feel to the hamper so bought some Bath Bombs and Bath Melts from and had great fun making and packaging them up for the hamper (a gift for me and for the hamper) well worth a try.

Peppermint Creams.
One of my favourite cook books (which also contains the homemade lemonade recipe) has peppermint creams which are so easy to make and such a lovely treat so last minute I thought why not and made a batch for the hamper.

I enjoyed making the hamper so much I hope to keep making things through 2013. Next on the list to try is fudge :)

Next year I plan to perfect my winter remedy teabag- it didn't make it into the hamper this year as I couldn't get it strong enough but here's some work in progress pictures.

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